About Me - Christopher Hysell

Hello! I'm Christopher Hysell, the proud owner of HighSellHomes.com. My journey with photography began during my college years as a means to supplement my income and support a company I was developing. Despite not having initially intended to become a professional photographer, I found a natural affinity towards the evolution of camera technology and the history of lenses, sparking a passion within me that was hard to ignore.

My Path to Professional Photography

As I ventured into the real estate industry, I found myself dissatisfied with the quality of work provided by other photographers. Since I already owned superior gear, and their photos just didn't capture my vision accurately, the solution was clear. I decided to manage the photography myself, hiring an assistant to manage my real estate transactions.

A Reputation for Quality

During the home sales boom of 2020, fellow agents began to take notice of my high-quality photos and virtual tours. When they learned that I was the one behind the camera, they were not only impressed but eager to enlist my services for their own listings. This led to requests from agents I'd never even met before, and I made the decision to market my services publicly.

Photography: A Hobby Turned Profession

Fast forward to 2023, and I've finally built an online portfolio to showcase my work and advertise my services on Google. Photography remains a beloved hobby of mine. Most of the income I make from it is invested right back into new cameras and equipment, or into special date nights with my wife.

Why the Name High Sell Homes?

You may be wondering about the name High Sell Homes. It's simple, really - it's a play on words from my own last name, Hysell, pronounced remarkably similar to "High Sell". It’s a happy coincidence that matches the high standard of service I strive to provide my clients in their journey to sell their homes. I look forward to the opportunity to use my passion and expertise to showcase your properties in their best light.

Navigating the ever-evolving real estate landscape can be tricky, but with a professional who's ready to adapt to its demanding nature, you can rest assured your photography needs will be met promptly and professionally.

Displayed below is a MAP highlighting our most frequently served areas for real estate photography. Although these locations are conveniently situated close to our home base, we're proud to offer our professional real estate photography services throughout all of Southern California.It's unlikely there will be additional travel fees for any location within 55 miles this region. We're committed to providing top-notch services to you, wherever your property may be.

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