Effortlessly integrate HighSellHomes.com into your MLS Listings

Page Last Updated: September 26, 2023

As an authorized CRMLS partner, we streamline the process by automatically updating and uploading top-tier images to your MLS listings. By integrating our services, you not only lighten your workload but also guarantee the highest quality visuals for your properties.

Steps on how to add HighSellHomes.com to your MLS listing:

#1 While creating or editing your real estate listing, navigate to the Office/MLS tab of the listing input form.

#2Locate the Photographer MLS ID Field: Please Note, You might need to scroll down to view this section.

#3 Enter our Photographer MLS ID: PHCHRISTOPHERH in the field.

#4 Once you've added our ID, click "Save as Incomplete" or "Submit Listing" and the listing will automatically appear in our system, allowing us to upload and update photos on your behalf.

Screenshot showing where to enter the photographer ID in the MLS listing input form

Note to Agents:

Ensure you choose the right photographer from the CRMLS Photographer List. Specifically, select our photographer username “PHCHRISTOPHERH”. By doing so, you grant HighSellHomes.com the necessary permissions to expertly handle and add photos and virtual tours to your listings.


Only listings with our Photographer MLS ID added will be accessible by HighSellHomes.com for photo and virtual tour uploads. This ensures the privacy and security of your other listings. If you need assistance with property descriptions or any other parts of your MLS listings, please reach out. We're happy to help through a phone call or screen share.

At HighSellHomes.com, we make it easy to showcase your property in the best light and reach a wider audience. Trust us to amplify your listings' impact while maintaining necessary privacy and professionalism. Your referrals are greatly appreciated.

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