The Importance of a Release of Liability

Safeguarding your transactions is of utmost importance. One aspect of this involves the photography and videography of the property for sale. As a realtor, homeowner, broker, or potential buyer, you need to know how you can protect all parties involved. At, I prioritize not only capturing your property in its best light, but also ensuring the utmost security and peace of mind for all stakeholders.

When you hire me for your real estate photography, videography, floor plans, or virtual tour needs, I extend protection beyond the camera lens. We understand that an excellent visual presentation of the property is essential for a successful sale. Still, we also acknowledge the potential liabilities that may arise in this process. That's where I, Christopher Hysell of, step in with our comprehensive Release of Liability.

What is a Release of Liability?

A Release of Liability is a legal document that ensures all parties— the agent, the broker, the seller, and even the new homeowner— are protected against certain legal claims or demands that could arise from our services. Essentially, this means that should any unexpected issue related to our photography and videography services occur, you're already covered.

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How does a Release of Liability protect you?

Here's how the Release of Liability from can safeguard the interests of each stakeholder:

Agents: With our Release of Liability, agents can rest assured knowing that they are protected against potential legal disputes arising from the services we provide

Brokers: As for brokers, this document provides an added layer of protection against legal claims pertaining to the photography and videography of the listed properties.

Sellers: For sellers, our Release of Liability ensures that any unforeseen issues related to our services won't interfere with their property sale, offering peace of mind.

New Homeowners: Even the new homeowners can benefit from this protection. They can take comfort knowing that any potential legal issues arising from the previous property's imaging services are handled professionally.

When you choose, you're selecting more than just top-tier real estate photography and videography services. You're also securing an added layer of legal protection for all parties involved in your property transaction. We understand the importance of both excellent visual appeal and thorough security in the real estate business. That's why we make a firm commitment to deliver professional, comprehensive, and secure services. Our aim is to provide a seamless, worry-free experience for all our clients. If you, as our esteemed client, would like a Release of Liability for your upcoming photoshoot, please inform us in advance. This will allow us ample time to prepare and deliver it to you before our team arrives on site. Your peace of mind is paramount to us, and we strive to meet your needs efficiently and professionally.

Experience the difference today! With us, you'll gain captivating images of your property and the reassurance that our Release of Liability brings. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

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